Why I Do It

09-08-2020 – Weekly Goodness

Hello, My friends!

I missed last week for a good reason. I have been working behind the scenes to bring a new experience to Beautifully Broken, and it is consuming a lot of my time. I’ve been talking about bringing a unique paid experience to the newsletter, but I wanted it to be something special and incredibly worthwhile.

If I am to charge subscribers per month, I need to make damn sure I provide something worth the money. $5 or $10 a month may not seem like too much to pay, but if someone loves my content enough to use their credit card, I am not going to let them down.

The timing is crucial. I may scale back the free newsletter to biweekly and special occasions and offer the paid experience every week.

If I am doing this, I am doing it right.

Do You Like Essays?

The newsletter is not the only thing going on. I started a new Facebook group and Medium publication called The Personal Essayist.

A lot of work has gone into this project by myself and my partner in crime, Mike, and if you love to write personal essays, join us on Facebook. The group is full of writers, authors, editors, and publishers, and it is a place to see the best work and a place to be seen.

Let’s Talk About Money

There is a good reason why I am starting all these new projects.

Two years ago, I set out to earn a living with my writing. I’d spent so many years sick, in and out of hospitals with Social Security as my only source of income. But I dreamed of bigger things for myself and my family.

The number of jobs I could do with an illness like mine was small. Writing offers me a way to earn by not only doing something I love but allows me to do it at my own pace and take time off when my mental health is not great.

I’ve done well with Medium, but not enough to make it my only source of income, so I am starting all these other projects in the hope that I can earn enough income to survive.

Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Want Something to Read?

I wrote something a bit controversial, but a lot of people seem to like it. I thought I would share:


See you next week!

Jason Weiland