RE: Has it Been Two Weeks?

10-13-2020- BTW, my birthday is in ten days, and I love the color orange

A month or two ago, I changed the frequency of this newsletter from weekly to bi-weekly. I thought that if all of you have an inbox that is anything like mine, you would appreciate someone not clogging it with garbage.

I get a lot of emails. Email from Medium seems to be the majority, and I know you can specify how much of that stuff you want to get, but I have colossal FOMO when it comes to them. They change everything so much, and I just can’t take the chance I would miss something important.

The next batch of email comes when I purchase something online and suddenly am subscribed to a bunch of lists. I will allow one or two emails, but if they prove all they want is to buy something, I unsubscribe.

I get a crapload of notifications from my blogs because I can’t figure out how to turn that stuff off. Yes, I want to know when someone comments, no, I don’t want you to tell me every time I log in.

The last bit of email I get is from my friends who work with me on various projects. Gabe and Art are editors with me on a Medium publication called Freethinkr. The pub is snowballing because we accept work on many different topics, so there is back and forth. These projects are a lot of work, and it helps to have people who are willing to help.

So, I know if I get a lot of emails, you probably do too, and the emails I didn’t mention were the newsletters, and I feel bad because I just don’t have the time to read every one. I can imagine you get quite a few newsletters too, and I thought I would be the nice guy and send less content.

I will only keep sending out these notes when I have something important to say because we are all so busy, and I would like you to know that if I do send you something, you should read it because it may be critical.

I rarely ever send links out that expect you to buy something; I just haven’t found anything I feel comfortable promoting but will let you know when I do. I do a little affiliate marketing on my blogs, but I’d like to only bother my subscribers with products that are truly groundbreaking.

I will continue to send links out to certain stories and articles I post, like this one on my new blog:

After reading the essay, I was hoping you could send me a note or leave a comment and tell me what you think of my new blog design. It’s kind of minimal, and I love the simplicity.

That is it. Thank you for indulging me. See you in two weeks, unless something important comes up!


Jason Weiland