I Am All Over the Place

9-20-2020 – Now you see me, don’t you?

Hello everyone! I am working yet another overnight, and it got me thinking. I have been starting new projects and building new income streams, and I’ve never really made a list of everything I juggle.

It is important, and I will tell you why after the list.

Medium Publications



Social Media

I am sure more accounts are floating around, but these are the ones on which I am active.

Why Is This Important to Know?

I mentioned in another email a few weeks back that I am attempting to make a living from my writing, but I don’t want to turn everything into a money-grab. I want people to read and feel happy and know that every time they see me, I am not standing there waiting for a few bucks.

But I need to do something. I want to keep this newsletter free. You all followed me wanting to know what is going on in my life and career, and I don’t feel right trying to monetize that. I do ask that you bear with me and maybe click when I post my work. One of the few sources of income is Medium, and if you read and have a paid membership for Medium, I get paid.

I have a Patreon, which I didn’t link because I am getting rid of it. I am not very fond of the platform. There is another called OnlyFans, which became famous when hundreds of women started showing their bits and pieces on the forum. I hear it’s a great place for creatives too. In fact, my friend and Medium top writer, Shannon Ashley, just started one. There is a fee to join, and you would get more access through posts, candid images, and videos.

It’s not a definite yet, but I will post the link when I do for those who want to support my writing and brand.

So, Beautifully Broken will keep chugging along each week, and I hope you will all open the emails when I send them out.

Thank you for being you!

Jason Weiland