Day Late, Dollar Short

August 19, 2020

I usually work on this newsletter Tuesday morning, Philippine time. I always try to have it ready when most of you wake up in the U.S. on your Tuesday morning, Eastern Time.

But this week was a complete brain-fart for me. I had a rough end of week and weekend, which you can read about in this essay, titled “I Was Busy Writing a Book When The Voices Came for Me.” So when Monday rolled around, I was playing catch-up because I took Thursday through Sunday off for mental health days.

So I am trying to get a little content out to Medium because my stats are tanking and my earnings suffering.

Last month, I ended up almost making $3k on Medium, and I was wondering whether I could sustain that, but Medium stopped promoting me again, and my views and reads are down. I’m not complaining, that was a great month and I am grateful to experience it. The money came in handy!

But I am trying to turn Medium into a fulltime income, and I have to know that I can make at least a few thousand dollars a month before I am comfortable with it as my primary source of income. This month, I am already at over $650, but it doesn’t look like I can match July.

That is unless something changes on Medium again.

That’s the thing: I could sit here and bash Medium for their ever-changing algorithm, but I’ve been doing this long enough to know that if I want to be financially successful on the platform, I have to roll with the punches and be flexible. I have to adapt as the changes as they are made, and not poison my attitude with vitriol toward the company that gave me this opportunity.

Medium makes the Partner Program available to writers, but they never promised us we would make a certain amount of money. That is entirely up to us.

Some, like Shannon Ashley, were making 10K a month within a year, and some of us had to take a longer road. I used to cuss and complain about everything, but I am having a much better time of it since I started going with the flow and stopped bellyaching.

I learned that I couldn’t fight and rage at what I can not control. I instead have to make a difference with what I can change, namely myself.

So I had a good month. I will probably have many more, but maybe my time is not here yet.

I guess I’ll just have to be patient and keep writing.


Jason Weiland