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Hi! My name is Jason Weiland, and I am the person behind the new podcast, Cringeworthy. Beyond the Cringe is more of a deep-dive (in newsletter and premium podcast form) into the stories and topics we talk about on the main podcast.

You most likely found me there on Cringeworthy or maybe have seen my work on Medium.com or my blog, and you decided that I sounded interesting. Maybe I tweeted something that made you think, and you wanted to know more. Maybe you saw my goofy picture on Facebook and thought I looked like a nice guy. Whatever the reason, you are here, and it’s time for me to make you want to stay.

The Beyond the Cringe premium podcast and newsletter is a closer look into topics like mental health, relationships, family, writing, podcasting, and making videos because they have the biggest impact on my life. If you are here, you are most likely a creator like me and have lived a non-traditional, abnormal, crazy, stressful, but rewarding life.

If you didn’t know, I write and talk about myself most of the time. I’m not entitled or narcissistic, I just have led an interesting life and I like to tell people my experiences in the hopes they can learn something. I write about the things that have happened and how I’m setting goals to realize my dreams. I talk about the things in my life that most people keep hidden.

Some might call what I do cringeworthy, but I just think I'm honest.

I’ve been breaking into new areas and have been tackling toxic capitalism, climate change, politics, productivity, the myth of success, and health.

It won’t help to beg you to sign up for my premium newsletter and podcast, but I think if you give it a chance, it will change the way you think. It will give you a better understanding of the topics we discuss each week on the Cringeworthy podcast.

It will entertain, disturb, shock, embarrass, satisfy, delight, and fulfill you in so many ways!

Give Beyond the Cringe a chance! You won’t be sorry!

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