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Free Weekly Newsletter – Issue #16

Hi, everybody! It’s Jason from Medium, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and everywhere else you can think of looking. I am trying to destress after the holidays but so much keeps happening.

First, in my neck of the woods

Around two years ago, my family and I sold everything and went on an adventure. We ended up in Tagaytay, Philippines because it was much cooler than Iloilo City and we found a condo that overlooked Taal volcano:

We stayed for a few months but ended up back here in Iloilo. We settled in and bought a house, but we always felt like Tagaytay was calling us back. Last year we decided we were going to close up the house and spend the summer back in the cool, foggy breezes, eating ramen and real cream ice cream (two of our favorite things to do in Tagaytay).

But, yesterday, this happened:

It’s terrible, but I fear the worst is to come. The area has been evacuated and is standing on alert four, waiting for the big eruption. The place we have come to love will probably end up destroyed.

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Then, I added more work to my plate

I don’t only write about mental health. I have quite a few stories on Medium about blogs and blogging, and I wanted a place where they could all be together in one place. So I created a new publication called “To Blog, Or Not To Blog.” I am accepting new writers, in case you were wondering.

I also created another newsletter with the same name, and if you are interested in blogging, writing, email lists, newsletters, or writing on Medium.com, you should definitely sign up for it. It will be a few weeks before I send out a newsletter, but now is a great time to get on the list.

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Then, I did a lot of writing

As much as I’ve been feeling the letdown after Christmas, I have been busy at my desk writing. Here are some stories from Medium:

Well, that is all for this week. I’ll see you next time!

Jason Weiland

Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to Beautifully Broken

Free Weekly Newsletter – Issue #15

We did it! The name is changed, and this is the first free newsletter of 2020!

Hello, everyone! Jason Weiland from Medium.com here again.

With the new year and new decade, you are going to be seeing a few changes around here. First of all, with the new branding both here and on the premium side, we are going to be doing a lot more talking about mental health. But, I’m not a doctor, so you’ll only be hearing stories from me and others about how they have dealt with their issues.

Beautifully Broken won’t be just another boring mental health newsletter. We will discuss how poor mental health affects relationships and family, success, jobs, and even how to not let a mental illness ruin your dream of traveling.

It will be something completely different.

Go Premium!

Now is the time to join us over on the premium side! Starting Monday, January 6, 2020, we have expanded the length of the weekly newsletter! There is so much I want to cover in the new year and I couldn’t do it in under 500 words. We will be talking about:

  • Mental health stories from our subscribers and me

  • Scenes from the Medium front lines

  • My upcoming trip to Singapore – I will only get updating the premium members DAILY about my trip and how my book is coming along!

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The Week at Medium

I didn’t get a ton of writing done on Medium because of the holiday, but I did write! Here is what was published:

That is all for this week!


Jason Weiland

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